PCGS Certified Presidential $1 First Day BU 20 Coin Rolls

PCGS Rolls Of 20 BU Presidential $1 First Day Coins


  PCGS Certified And Sealed Presidential BU First Day 20 Coin Rolls  



JUST $29.95 PER ROLL!!

Washington P And D Mint Available

Adams P And D Mint Available

Jefferson P And D Mint Available

Madison P And D Mint Available

Monroe P And D Mint Available

Quincy Adams P And D Mint Available

80 Roll Minimum, Mix And Match OK

YOU Can Choose From Any Of The 12 Different Presidents/Mint Marks!!!

Free Shipping And Insurance

IMPORTANT INFO: Rolls Will Be Shipped STRICTLY On A First Paid, First Shipped Basis

How Revolutionary? I Think This Can Be As Revolutionary As...Independently Grading Coins Were In 1986!!


PCGS Certified Presidential $1 First Day BU 20 Coin Rolls


PCGS Rolls Of 20 BU Presidential $1 First Day Coins


All Pictures Are Courtesy Of PCGS


PCGS Certified Presidential $1 First Day BU 20 Coin Rolls Important Information

The Tulving Company has been an authorized PCGS dealer since 1998 and a NGC dealer since 1990. We currently overnight, for free, all gold, platinum, and palladium bullion coin orders. Currently, we offer free tracking of your gold, palladium and platinum orders. Just call us two days after we receive your bank wire and we will provide your tracking information. We only ship within the U.S.A. We do not accept cash (GREEN) as payment for your order. We are available every weekend and all holidays to take your orders. We have no retail store and no retail store expenses.


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PCGS Certified Presidential $1 First Day BU 20 Coin Rolls Important Notice


RISK: The purchase of coins or bullion items are highly speculative and involves substantial risk. As in other markets, coin or bullion prices can be extremely volatile and will rise and fall depending upon market conditions. Therefore, before purchasing coins or bullion, you should first have adequate cash reserves and other assets to absorb a potentially significant loss. Sorry, but we do not make recommendations, we think you should buy what you want.

HOLDING PERIOD: Historically, few coins or bullion items have appreciated dramatically in the short term. Therefore, purchasers should recognize that it may well be necessary for them to hold coins for a 3 - 5 year period, or even a 5 - 10 year period, to have any chance of realizing a significant gain.

The Tulving Company (Since 1990)

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