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Dear Tulvingites, I just did a trade with you guys and just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with your company. You shipped my order super fast and your salesman Eric was a huge help and is definitely an asset to your company. I will be telling others to get their PMs from you guys and will be dealing with you again soon. Thanks again! - Tracy, MT

Hello Mr. Tulving: Over the past few months, I’ve placed several orders with your company, orders that approximate a total of around $100,000.  I have found your level of service to be first rate.  You have provided great communication about the status of my order, you have shipped promptly, and what I received met my expectations. In short, Tulving has done just about everything right.  (One order was short one silver round and was promptly corrected)    It is indeed a pleasure to do business with your firm. Congratulations  for having a company that offers very competitive prices and one that makes it easy to do business with.  I have recommended you to friends and will continue to do so. Cordially, James B., IN

Hannes, your business is really amazing.  It's great to see that American ingenuity is not dead – you have rewritten the rules of the bullion business.  Thanks for helping me and countless others build our hoards for a low cost and with a terrific experience. Mark O., CA

Just wanted to let you know I received my bullion shipment faster than expected. I've ordered substantial amounts from you for several years via wire and personal check and have been impressed by your flawless efficiency and superb customer service. My latest transaction with you took me less than 1 minute on the phone order and within 36 hours after my wire transfer I picked up my bullion at the Post Office. Unbelievable...Keep up the good work. Howard J., NC


Hello Hannes, I wanted to take this moment to express my thanks and gratitude for your organization's outstanding work and dedication to customer service. Myself and my family have dealt extensively with The Tulving Company over several years and many transactions and I can say without hesitation that your organization stands head and shoulders above any of your peers on any scale of price, efficiency and service. Your leadership in this competitive field is such where I would scarcely consider doing business with anyone else. I'd also like to mention in particular several other members of your team for their dedicated service and attention to special details and needs including Karen, Eric, and Braden. It is always a pleasure doing business with you Hannes, and the confidence, trust and capability your organization instills is truly unrivaled. Many thanks from myself and my entire family. Sincerely, John S., CO


I have recently become a customer of your company and just wanted to thank you for your commitment to serving investors of PM/Rare Coins with such professionalism and excellence. When I made the decision to start investing in PMs I did extensive research to find a trustworthy dealer and one name kept coming up "Hannes Tulving". After researching the other big name dealers I found that your company had the best pricing and best Sell/Buyback spread I could find; but I was still reluctant to make such an important purchase from a dealer that I could not meet in person. That all changed with one email; one night after spending hours researching, and at nearly 2:00 am, I emailed your company with a question. I was expecting an answer, at best, the next day; I was astounded to receive a response from Hannes Tulving himself and literally minutes later! That convinced me I was in the right place to start my investing. I subsequently placed and order and with the exception of a minor glitch with my wire transfer, it was about the smoothest transaction I could have imagined. My order was shipped expeditiously (expecting it later today) and in a manner that gives me the complete confidence to make all my future purchases through your company. I am not a "big investor" by any means but was treated like I had just made a million dollar purchase when I called for customer service and spoke with Karen. Thank you all for the excellent service you provide! Steven B., PA


Hannes, Excellent service, thank you! Total time between placing my order and receiving the coins was 28 hours! Regards, Buhr, G.B., CA

I was a recent first time buyer and there is always a little concern for me when I send money off to a new contact. My concern turned out to be unfounded and I am very satisfied with the merchandise. I was also promised delivery within a certain time frame and your product came in sooner than I expected. Thanks again for making my purchase easy and for exceeding my service expectations.  I look forward to doing business with you again and will relay my experience as excellent to all who hear about it. Kamron K., TX


Hannes, When I first found your web site I was a little skeptical. I was on edge my first couple of trades. That is not the case now. I enjoy trading with you and can say its a pleasure. I am a retired business man and can honestly say you are doing a great job. Wishing you, all your customers (myself included) great success. Bill R., FL


The best service ever!!! I will be back. Thanks, Steve


Dear sirs, Thank you for your amazing service. I will recommend you above all others.  K.B., AZ


Hannes, received the Express Mail , excellent, fast service. Not even a scuff on the packaging. Will be in touch for additional orders. Thanks a lot!  S.D., IL


I made my initial PM purchase from Northwest Territorial Mint. I bought a 1000 oz. bar of silver on 11/6/08. It never arrived and on 2/6/09, I legally had the right to buy it back, and I did. I have called Tulving several times in the last couple months, and Hannes and Dale have always answered my concerns about wiring such large amounts of money before receiving the product. I decided to take the refund money from Northwest, which I finally received, and purchased a 1000 oz. bar of silver from Tulving on Tues. 3/10/09. They promised free 3 day UPS service. The JM bar came on 3/12/09 in just 2 days! The silver was only 976 as they had said it wouldn’t be exact. I called Hannes yesterday and told him how pleased I was with the great packaging and service, but I wondered about the refund check He said they always mail the refund check promptly. Incredibly I received that check for $311 dollars today on 3/31! I have NEVER done business with a better company than Tulving! I am expecting a large check next month and I am going to invest that check and do all my PM deals with Tulving. Thanks Hannes and Dale  Cape Cod Joe


My name is Charles ---- and I recently purchased 1 JM Kilo bar and 4 Credit Suisse 1oz gold bars from your company. I was very nervous at first, never having purchased any valuable metal online before. I must have called in at least 5 times with last minute questions, poking and prodding my way into comfort before I made the final buy decision. When all was said and done, everything happened smoothly and very quickly. I could not be more pleased with the product I have received, the shipping process, and the Tulving Company itself. Thank you very much, you guys rock! Best Wishes, Charlie

We received the 60 1  oz. gold Buffalos PCGS MS69 on the trade for our 60 1oz. gold American Eagles. We are very satisfied with this transaction.  N. A., New York

Dealing with you people gives one a sense of honesty, good feelings. W.D., Ca.

I received 67 of my 24KT Buffalo Gold Coins on Friday, July 21. They Are Absolutely Beautiful. Thank You So Much For The Best Deal In Town, Hannes You Rock. J .T., Ca.

Your sales program for the 2006 $50 Gold Buffalo is the best I've seen, for you have the lowest prices and fastest delivery of any supplier in the market. Many thanks for the great service that you have provided us over the years. J.F., Ohio

Since I opened my shop in 1999, The Tulving Company has been a regular source of gold and silver coins. I have never had a problem with any order and the items were always shipped in a very timely manner. I've recommended The Tulving Co. to other dealers and have nothing but praise for his service and products. H.G., New Jersey

Great prices, great service, a name you can trust. The Tulving Company has become a cornerstone in my investment structure. Thanks, Tulving Company. T.W. Virginia

Over the past 18 months, I have spent over 200K with Tulving and Company. Their coins are all first quality and their customer service and delivery is absolutely the very best I have found anywhere. Great Coins, Great Service And Great Delivery. N.J., Michigan

I am a medium sized coin dealer and have been buying slabbed and raw gold from Hannes for over 6 years.  I've been in  the coin business for over 30 years and I'm continually amazed at the high quality of all his products. In all that time, I have never returned an order, nor has Hannes and his team ever made an invoice or math error. His shipping is the fastest in the industry, which gives me an edge from time to time. In this business, a couple bucks saved here and a couple days saved there can make a huge difference. He has my highest recommendation. S. M., New Mexico

The Tulving Company Rocks!! I had the new graded ( by PCGS) $50 Gold Buffalo coins in my hands and already a matter of days from The Mint release!! Without the fantastic resources of Tulving...this would not have been possible! In my 20 years as a Coin Dealer, I have never seen such a perfectly orchestrated and rocket fast turn-a-round!! All the very Best and keep up the GREAT work!! D.S., Ca

Just want to thank you for the great service and fast delivery on the $50 Buffalo. As always I am very pleased with the quality and pride that you take with your coins. J. S. Idaho

I have been a Tulving customer for 5 years and service has been excellent. The items purchased have always arrived on time and as advertised. V.G. Georgia.

Dear Hannes, I am happy to let you know I received the 40 Gold Buffalos in the mail today. The coins are absolutely beautiful. Indeed I am very pleased with the trade and sales program. I feel you gave me a very good deal. I will certainly continue to do business with you and will recommend you to my friends. Thank you again very much. Kind regards. R.G.A., Pennsylvania.

I have been dealing with The Tulving Company for many years now, and have had nothing but excellent dealings and transactions with them. I have found The Tulving Company to be honest to a fault, and always eager to satisfy a customer. When you are dealing with large sums of money, and market volatility, you want to deal with a company that is trustworthy, and that will always do the right thing for the customer. Their prices have always been the best in the industry, regardless of where the market stands. I have dealt with many, many companies in my lifetime, and I say with complete truthfulness, that The Tulving Company ranks among the best, if not THE best. Thank you Hannes. J.R., New Jersey.

Hello Hannes. I want to thank you for this outstanding trade deal with these 2006 Buffalo coins. I have done a lot of business before and NO ONE comes close to your service, it's the best in the market!!! As I mentioned before, I have done over $850,000 during the the past 10 years. You will be my first choice now on gold. Please let me know if you will have the 2006 proof in a PCGS 69 holder. Thanks again. T.R.

Hello Hannes. I wanted to say a few words about our good business together as follows: My Daughter and I would like to thank you again for your excellent quality coins and service. We are collecting for my Daughters future as a Veterinarian and have been buying animal theme coins from you for many years. Most recently we have acquired 160 of the new gold Buffalo coins from you as both cash purchase and in trade for American Eagle coins we had bought in the past. Although my Daughter was sad to see some of her pretty eagles fly away she is absolutely delighted with her new buffalo coins. We are looking forward to expanding her new "buffalo herd" with you once again today. Thank you for many years of excellent transactions. R.R. New York

I am a part-time buyer/seller of coins. I started about 3 years ago as a hobby, and it has grown into small part time business.  I now look forward to growing this business in my retirement years. I owe almost all of my success to Hannes Tulving, his company, and employees.  The process of ordering and shipment is very efficient. The Quality, Price, and Delivery Schedule are second to none. I look forward to a longtime business relationship, and feel confident that I can grow my business by maintaining this relationship with the Tulving Company.  The recent craze surrounding the 24KT buffalo is the most recent example of The Tulving Company assisting in my business. The Tulving Company has provided me over 200 high quality first strike buffalo’s from PCGS. I was one of the first to hit the online auction marketplace because of the company’s access to these quality coins.   Needless to say I made a couple of bucks – Thanks Hannes!! M.T. Indiana

Hannes. Received 25 - $50 Buffalo gold coins today in trade for my Kruggerands. Thank you for the trade. It was the first time I sent gold thru the mail: the transaction was very easy. All my dealings with the Tulving Co. have been very timely and all the coins have been top quality as stated. Thanks again. C.M. New Jersey

Received my 20 Gold Buffalos in a very timely manner as explained in your web site.  This is the 3rd transaction I have had with your company and all have gone very smoothly.  You are the only coin company I plan to deal with from now on.  Your prices are right on the money and you stick to your offering prices regardless of what the market does after you make a price quote.  Example: My 20 Buffalos have already increased in value and I just received them today. Anyway thanks for your service and look forward to doing more business in the future with your Company.  G.H. Florida

Hannes, I would like to personally thank you for the excellent trade. As always, I can count on you to be honest and fair. I have, and continue to recommend you to anyone that is in the market for fine coins. T.L. Indiana

Dear Hannes, I received the Buffalo coins and am totally happy with them. This is my 4th transaction with The Tulving Company. I appreciate your fast service, quick response to e-mails and answers to concerns I have had. You have the best prices, service, and products available anywhere. I have come to thoroughly trust you to follow through with all commitments. I highly recommend The Tulving Company to anyone interested in an honest deal. Transactions occur exactly as described on the Tulving web page. Thank you for your reliability and professionalism. D.C. California

I received your recent shipment. Although we’re on opposite sides of the country, this is the eighth silver/gold transaction we’ve done since 2004 with you. You’ve always had great service and prices, and I’ve recommended The Tulving Company often to people around the country and in Canada.  As an example, on the day your latest shipment arrived, I was listening to a Phoenix radio show over the Internet that advertised their MS69 Gold Buffalo price as the best in the area. Maybe that was right for Phoenix, but your Internet price that day was less than theirs by $165 per coin.  I can’t see them since their local business was by appointment only, it’s hard for me to see why someone even in Phoenix would pay $825 per coin for a face-to-face transaction to get Gold Buffalo coins that day instead of $660 per coin to get it the next day from you by Express Mail. P.R. Virginia

I have been a customer of Tulving for several years. The prices and services cannot be beat. When I receive a call from a metals broker and tell them that I do business with Tulving they never call again because they know they cannot compete. I have recently taken part in the Buffalo gold coin program. I exchanged coins I had previously purchased through Tulving. The prices were, as expected, the best I could find anywhere. The service, as expected, was outstanding and the product, as expected, was as represented and truly outstanding. Tulving is simply the best in the business and I do not know why anyone would do business with anyone else. S.G. Missouri

Hi Hannes, Received all my coins. You can't be beat for prices or service. I don't know how you do it, and I know coin dealers nationwide who wonder also. You even reimbursed my postage! I've been purchasing from you for nearly three years and I'll keep coming back. A.S. Arizona

In nearly a decade of dealing with The Tulving Company, I have never had a single transaction that was less than flawless. They are responsive, prompt, and above all, trustworthy. I have referred multiple friends to them over the years, all of whom have had a similar experience. I recommend them without reservation! C.J. Illinois

We were very pleased with our transaction with Tulving. Thank you. A.B. Ohio

Hi Hannes, Just got the 1oz. Buffalos from our agreed swap right on schedule.  I don't know how you were able to make such a compelling offer, but I couldn't be happier.  I wasn't expecting they'd be fully encased in the blue PCGS box as well as MS69 first strikes.  But then, your service and pricing never cease to amaze me. When I placed my first order with you several years ago, I have to admit, I was a little leery.  I'd never heard of Tulving and I am, after all, way out here on the East Coast.  But, I checked with a few experienced gold bugs who assured me you held a strong name in the business.  I'm so glad I found such an honorable shop who puts their customer service as their obvious first priority.  (i.e. Always expedient email or phone replies and super fast, insured shipping.)  And I will continue to recommend you to others seeking to purchase precious metals. Thanks for Everything!  And I'm so glad to hear your health is on the upswing! L. M. Massachusetts

Hannes:  The Buffs arrived last week while I was at the ANA in Denver and I got them today.  Thanx!  What impressed me, however, was the check for $6.40 refund on excess postage.  Only a truly honest man would go to the effort of refunding something like that.  This old retired Lt. Colonel and coin dealer for 22 years salutes you!  D.W. Arizona

Over the years I have done business with Tulving and been very pleased. In the 90's I purchased a bit of gold. In 2002, due to some changes in my life, I had to sell most of my gold and you all handled it for me. Actually, I thought I had sold it all. Recently I have found some odd and ends that somehow I missed in 2002 and have decided to go ahead and sell them. R.Y. Florida

I just received my order from Tulving, 20 of the 2006 American Buffalo gold coins.  The coins are absolutely gorgeous, as beautiful of a coin as I have ever seen.  The packaging is very complete, with each coin separately sealed in an encasement showing the PCGS certified MS69 grade and other details.  The delivery was made in the time frame promised when I placed the order.  Everything has been top notch! (No name provided)

Dear Hannes, Thanks for the trade offer of buffs for eagles.  The 20 buffalo/Indian one-ounce coins are beautiful, and what a handsome PCGS case they came in! Good deals aside, though, for me the best part of doing business with Tulving is the scrupulous integrity that I've witnessed with every transaction, and I'm neither a dealer nor a collector.  It's a pleasure, and I look forward to my next annual or semi-annual purchase. W. F. Missouri

Hi Hannes! Today I received merchandise. Your service is terrific and your efficiency is wonderful. Everything is beyond my expectation. I will continue to do business with you in the future. Many thanks and have a nice long weekend. L.W. New Jersey

Excellent Program, got my first swap and was amazed at the quality that I sent in a second batch to swap.  Everything came quickly and the service it great.  Even got a cheque to cover my shipping fees too.  I would Highly Recommend Tulving Company to everyone.  Thank you very much and keep up the great work. A.H. Washington

The Buffalo's were in hand 48 hours after send the payment. Great service, quality merchandise and a pleasure to deal with. J.R. California.


Got an order of 50 gold eagles last week and a 50 maple leaves this week, and you threw in an extra silver eagle with each even though your internet ad says "1 per 20 ounces".....real touch of class in an already class act.

Good prices, great service.....hope you stay in business forever. Thanks again, A. D. Jonesborough, TN


I have been buying coins for years from various dealers nation wide. Then I came across The Tulving Company. I am a new customer and I just got my second order from The Tulving Company. I ordered almost 60k from them as a new customer with no problems. The order was so smooth and easy and packaged beautifully. This is a wonderful company to deal with I will be doing all my future buying from them.  No one can come close to their price and service.  They are honest, fast, and reliable. I am so happy that I found them. D.R, New York


Buffalos American Coin Important Notice


BUFFALOS GOLD AMERICAN .9999 COIN RISK: The purchase of coins or bullion items are highly speculative and involves substantial risk. As in other markets, coin or bullion prices can be extremely volatile and will rise and fall depending upon market conditions. Therefore, before purchasing coins or bullion, you should first have adequate cash reserves and other assets to absorb a potentially significant loss. Sorry, but we do not make recommendations, we think you should buy what you want.

BUFFALO AMERICAN .9999 GOLD COIN  HOLDING PERIOD: Historically, few coins or bullion items  have appreciated dramatically in the short term. Therefore, purchasers should recognize that it may well be necessary for them to hold coins for a 3 - 5 year period, or even a 5 - 10 year period, to have any chance of realizing a significant   gain.

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