Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf 1 Oz Canadian 2007 Coin

Palladium Maple Leaf coins are now being produced by the Canadian government, with one troy ounce of palladium content and certified purity of .9995, by The Canadian Mint. Palladium Maple Leafs may be offered at lower premiums than the Credit Suisse and the Pamp Suisse palladium bars. The Palladium Maple Leafs are legal tender with a value of $50. Palladium is a member of the platinum metals group. Palladium was discovered by the British chemist William Wollaston, in 1804. More than 80% of world palladium production is concentrated in just two countries: the Russian Federation and South Africa. The Russian Federation accounts for nearly half of total world palladium supply. The Russian Federation may be the only country which has held significant stockpiles of palladium. The actual level of Russian palladium stockpiles is a state secret. Russian Government export policies have significantly influenced world palladium supply. The other significant producing area is in South Africa, where Platinum Group Metals are mined as primary products. Modern catalytic converters rely heavily on palladium and its sister metal, platinum. The use of palladium really took off in the 1970ís when demand for catalytic converters increased and automobile emission standards were introduced in the developed world. As these standards were tightened and applied globally in the 1990s, demand for palladium expanded exponentially. Recently, an increasing number of white precious metal alloys have been introduced into the jewelry marketplace in answer to industry cries for a true white counterpart to the ever-popular yellow gold. Palladium is more precious than silver and whiter than platinum. These 950 palladium alloys are white, lightweight, hypoallergenic, and easy to finish and polish. The lightness of the 950 palladium alloys and pricing considerations make them prime candidates for use in fashionable, affordable jewelry designs. Because it is also lighter than platinum, more intricate necklaces and bracelets can be made capable of bearing larger gemstones with no gain in overall weight. For the same reason, Palladium can be an especially good choice in earrings.


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